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Kam Yuen Unveils New Manufacturing Plant in Thailand

Kam Yuen is expanding its manufacturing footprint by opening a new plant in Ayutthaya Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Thailand in Q3 2021. The Thailand site will complement Kam Yuen’s existing manufacturing capacities in China. Read more...

Kam Yuen precision mechanical product offerings helping combat the spread and speed the elimination of the COVID-19 virus worldwide.

Kam Yuen Precision Technologies’ precision mechanical processes, rapid response times, quick sample turnarounds, and nearly immediate transitions to high-volume production of components needed to support the medical industry’s fight against the pandemic helping to fuel substantial growth for the company in the face of COVID-19. Our long-standing experience and expertise in precision CNC manufacturing has put our products into government-grade ventilators, infrared temperature sensors, and all sorts of other medical equipment around the world.

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We are particularly strong in

High quantity simple precision parts
Intricate mechanical assemblies
Highly complex machined parts with three dimensional contours
Extreme shapes and geometries with very tight tolerances

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  • Extreme quality

  • End-to-end in-house production

  • Certified full compliance with EU/US standards

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Wearables and timepieces

Wearables and timepieces



Fiber optic components

Fiber optic components

Medical instruments and devices

Medical instruments and devices

Consumer electronics products

Consumer electronics products

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  • Engineer/innovator-led management

  • End-to-end process transparency

  • Equipped for aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, composites

  • High precision quality control approach

  • High security factories in Shenzhen and Zhongshan China

  • Sales/support offices in USA and Europe

  • Headquartered in Hong Kong

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